RapidSol – ultra fast solar charger.

EVOLUTION WEAR– 3 days ago

What is the RapidSol – ultra fast solar charger?

Currently #1 in solar charging speeds.
7w 2.7amp output

We Have FOUND Your Solution…

With tshirt, additional 10$, 4400 PB additional 5$

Panels: 1.2 amp-39.99, rapid sol-79.99

Power Banks: Standard 4400 mah power bank 9.99

Rugged:44.99    Sleek: 34.99    Slim:39.99    Smooth:39.99

Shirts: 19.99-24.99

Backpacks : Coming Soon

Chords? 4.99

RS=Rapid Sol, PB= Power bank, 1.2AP= 1.2 Amp Panel APB- Advanced Power Bank


1.2AP, shirt, 4400 PB- 69.99 (state just panel and shirt and that it comes with PB free!)

RS, shirt, 4400PB- 89.99

RS, shirt, choice of APB- 109.99

2 1.2AP, 2 shirts, 2 4400PB-99.99? 109.99?

2RS, 2shirts, 2 4400PB- 149.99?

2RS, get free shirt and free pb? Or buy 2 RS, get 2 shirts free?

Buy 3RS, get free shirt and APB of choice

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